"[Sugarland] is a place of remembering and remembering who you are… And in so many times where we want the escapism of going to a concert and getting totally obliterated out of our minds in order to forget our troubles via some sort of lovely chemical help, I think that our shows are actually about forgetting your troubles and by listening to these stories that hopefully are your stories we’re able to share and to perform… And I would say ‘welcome’, come and remember who you are here." - JN

Run by Becky and Katie.

landofsugarland-deactivated2012 whispered, "Would you help us spread the word about an auction Sugarland is doing? They have painted a birdhouse for fans to bid on, and all proceeds go to benefit Abolition International, a non-profit that fights sex trafficking. If you go to the eBay Celebrity page, you can find Sugarland's birdhouse on the Little Big Town page, who has also done a birdhouse. Thanks!"

Here is the link to bid, if anyone’s interested!


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sugarlandandsaraevansfan16 whispered, "Have you ever meet Sugarland or went to one of their concerts?"

I’ve seen them in concert three times and have met them! I know Katie’s seen them too, I’m just not sure how many times! :)

- Becky

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(Source: sugarlandd)